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Basement Remodeling Ideas: Beautifying Your Space and Preventing Molds

If you’re trying to add square footage to your home, you might look to your basement. It’s often an underutilized space that can be converted into real estate your family can use every day. When you’re imagining the basement of your dreams, you’re probably not imagining the mold that could be an issue in the home.

Before trying to remodel the basement, contact an Indianapolis mold remediation expert to assess your mold problem. Don’t let mold stop you from remodeling your space. You can create a beautiful room in the basement for extra living space.


The Story of Your Crawl Space and Their Need for Thorough Maintenance

“Out of sight and out of mind” is an old saying that many people adhere to. This adage can refer to people, situations, and even certain sections of a home. Attics, basements and crawl spaces, are hardly ever noticed until a problem occurs. Perhaps you have lived in your Indianapolis home for over a decade and never realized what you crawl space has been trying to tell you. Moldy odors and a sudden presence of insects could be living in this area that you have never checked.

Why Crawl Space Maintenance is Important

Most crawl spaces have no barrier from the damp ground that is sure to exist in a dark enclosed area. As the bare earth in this part of the home has no way of gaining fresh air, it is left to become damp and moldy.

The Importance of Professional Foundation and Crawl Space Repair

Many homes in Indianapolis were built with at least a portion of their foundation having a crawl space. While many of these homes may have a larger basement area, the crawl space is a much smaller often difficult for an adult to stand in. This can make it difficult for homeowners to inspect the area for damage, as well as for foundation repair to be completed. If you are concerned about repair issues in the crawlspace, a professional service is a good idea.

Why Crawl Spaces Are So Difficult to Repair

Crawl spaces are very small, tight areas by definition. While they may have a short vertical height that means that you must stoop, walk on your knees or even crawl, they may also have limited lighting, as well as limited space for horizontal movement.