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Basement Remodeling Ideas: Beautifying Your Space and Preventing Molds

If you’re trying to add square footage to your home, you might look to your basement. It’s often an underutilized space that can be converted into real estate your family can use every day. When you’re imagining the basement of your dreams, you’re probably not imagining the mold that could be an issue in the home.

Before trying to remodel the basement, contact an Indianapolis mold remediation expert to assess your mold problem. Don’t let mold stop you from remodeling your space. You can create a beautiful room in the basement for extra living space.


Basement Bathroom Remodeling: On Mold Remediation and Waterproofing

What better way to maximize that extra space in your basement than to build your own luxury bathroom and spa complete with a hot tub? You can spend your time in here away from the noise and just enjoy the warm water as it washes your stress away.

Building a basement bathroom, however, requires certain precautions and careful planning, since the basement itself is a common spot for mold growth—factor in the extra plumbing for your basement bathroom and you’ll have a recipe for mold infestation if components are not installed properly. To create a luxurious and mold-free basement bathroom, make sure that you follow these procedures recommended by article from Zillow.com when it comes to dealing with a damp, musty basement.