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Do-It-Yourself Basement Waterproofing Can Lead to Much Bigger Problems

A lot of homes in the Indianapolis and Columbus area need professional basement waterproofing due to leak and moisture problems. Many homeowners, however, opt to handle the problems by themselves to save money. Unfortunately, a moist, wet, or flooded basement is more complicated than they think.

Without fully understanding the dynamics of water, cement, soil, and cement blocks that comprise a house’s footing, you can make costly mistakes when trying waterproof the basement on your own. For instance, you may temporarily stop the leak and eliminate the dampness but you could, at the same time, reduce the stability of the footing by removing too much soil. This is why it’s crucial to leave basement waterproofing to professionals.


Mold Remediation: Address and Prevent Mold Problems in the Basement

Your basement is an important part of your home, and you would want it to look nice and be in good condition. Whether it’s already finished or that’s on your to-do list, you also need the space to be completely dry. When your basement is damp, mold is more likely to thrive in it, and that can cause serious problems to the structure and your family.

Causes of Basement Mold

You can always turn to a professional team for mold remediation in Indianapolis, but you have to understand what causes the infestation to prevent it from returning. Mold needs only three things to survive: oxygen, organic materials, and dampness. Standing water is not required, and you’d be surprised at the places mold can grow in and hide.

Indianapolis Foundation Repair: 4 Major Causes of Foundation Problems

Drainage problems also contribute to a weak foundation. If your home lacks or have damaged gutters, or if your landscaping does not slope properly or the downspouts do not effectively channel water away from your home, there will be seepage buildup on the soil surrounding the foundation and basement walls. Water saturating the soil causes it to expand which then exerts pressure on the foundation. If there are fissures around the foundation walls, basement flooding could result.

Learn about signs of foundation damage by calling up specialists in repairing foundations in Indianapolis, such as the American Basement Solution. These companies are equipped with the latest repair technology to do the needed work on your basement, crawlspace, foundation, and structural flooring.