Basement Waterproofing: Have Your Basement Ready to be Refinished

In most cases, a wet basement is an obvious problem. Owners will see standing water on the floor, or there may be mysterious puddles that seem to appear from nowhere. However, there are times when the basement just feels a little damp. Even if your home doesn’t have issues with leaks or flooding, the constant moisture in the air can still damage your property. Before you decide to have the space finished, here’s what you need to know about moisture and its impact on your home.

Smell the Air

A damp basement won’t always present with puddles of water. It’s entirely possible to have a moisture problem that’s only apparent through a musty odor. Before you decide to put down carpeting and other materials, smell the air at different times. If you feel like you smell mold or mildew in the air, they’re probably there.


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