Stone Foundation: Call In Professionals to Inspect and Repair Leaks

A stone foundation is always one of the iconic features of an old home that’s worth a look—and worth preserving. It gives sentimental homeowners and nostalgic passerby’s alike a glimpse of history, to a time when home construction was simple yet innovative. Unfortunately, years of wear and tear can result in the foundation developing cracks and leaks that must be patched up as soon as they’re discovered. In a reader-feedback section for Fine Homebuilding magazine, Dr. Joseph Lstiburek said there are ways to deal with such a structural issue.
Fixing up a stone foundation can be tough for residents of Indianapolis and Indiana in general. When you check some houses that have been standing for decades, you might see that they sport a smattering of stones as foundation with wads of concrete supporting them. If your house foundation is made of stones and has leaks, a company such as American Basement Solutions will be in the right position to help.


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