Indianapolis Mold Remediation Experts Explains Health Risks of Mold

Those pesky molds do not just ruin your house, but can also make your family sick. People with mold allergies may experience sneezing, runny nose, coughing, various types of eye irritations such as watering, redness, and itchiness; skin irritation, and wheezing. Meanwhile people with compromised immune systems may suffer from chronic lung disease and infection.

An example of the health risks brought about by molds is put to light in Fox 6’s report on one Tiffany Fields. She bought a house, and two weeks after she and her family moved in she started to experience headaches. One time, she turned off her air conditioner unit, and she immediately noticed a terrible smell. The source, she found out, was excessive mold in her new house, which was making her and her children sick.


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